Friday the 13th of August, the world’s biggest sports event has taken place. After the opening ceremony, everybody agreed that this was one of the most creative and beautiful opening ceremonies, the history of the Olympics has ever known. One performance during the opening amazed billions of people around the world. That night in Athens, TiŽsto became the first DJ ever to play during the Official Olympic Opening Ceremony. This event everybody around the world was talking about has been the highlight in the career of TiŽsto until now.
Due to all the positive reactions we received on this unique performance at the Opening Ceremony, we’ve decided to release this DJ set for everybody. TiŽsto wants to share the special feeling that he felt during his performance in the Olympic Stadium. The CD will contain 8 completely new tracks specially made for this event and 4 well known tracks, which TiŽsto really wanted to play at the ceremony.
DATE. 18-10-2004
Kontor Records online:
Additional production on this album by Tijs Verwest & D.J. Waakop-Reijers
  01. Heroes 8:36
02. Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit) 6:43
03. Ancient History 6:06
04. Traffic 4:10
05. Euphoria 6:08
06. Athena 6:17
07. Olympic Flame 5:34
08. Lethal Industry 4:36
09. Coming Home 6:28
10. Adagio For Strings 5:57
11. Victorious 4:38
12. Forever Today 7:07
This is a track I wrote thinking about the athletes, who've been training for at least four years to get to Athens 2004. The melody of this track gives me a feeling of heroism.
Breda 8pm (DJ Montana Edit)
This track I actually got as a present for my birthday from DJ Montana. He is a very talented DJ who knows how to rock a crowd. He remixed, reworked, resampled and edited this older track taken from my 'In My Memory' album and made it sounds so great.
Ancient History
This track is a free interpretation of a song called "Zanaradikos" by Thrace. I sampled a lot of vintage percussion of typical Greek drums. I am really happy with the result of this one, and when I played it people seemed to love it! The track was also played at the end of the closing Ceremony on August 29th.
This track is already a classic to me, and to be able to play this one on this event was very special to me.
Euphoria is a feeling you get when you win a game or competition. The beautiful strings used in the track are warm and uplifting, and remind me of that unique euphoric feeling.
Athena is my own interpretation of Albinoni's "Adagio In G Minor". This is one of my alltime favourite classical pieces and fitted so well with the atmosphere in the stadium. It combines the old and the modern in a way which complimented the Opening Ceremony in Athens perfectly.
Olympic Flame
This track is about the neverending Olympic Flame that travels around the world. The track has a marching, neverending sound in it, and the middle part is like the resting stop of the flame before it moves on to a new city. It's a bit like my personal life as well!
Lethal Industry
Another classic I really wanted to play on this night. The drive in this track together with the melody makes this one accessible for the young and the old.
Coming Home
I was thinking of the announcements of the countries when I produced this track. I think it's perfect for when the athletes of the different countries enter the stadium, it delivers healthy tension, excitement.
Adagio For Strings
When I played this track the wave went through the stadium, everybody loves this one. A perfect blend between classical and modern music which I had to capture in my set.
This song I made thinking about the athletes on the winner's podium when they receive their gold, silver or bronze medal. The melody of this track would fit perfectly during the honouring of the athletes.
Forever Today
Sometimes you have a day which is absolutely perfect. That's what this track is about, surviving, overcoming or just winning! A feeling you would like to capture forever, and for me a perfect song to close the ceremony...