DJ TIĖSTO - Interview

How did you get into music?
My father was a jazz musician, so in our family we always listened to music. Later on, when I had bought a new album or single I always wanted to everybody hear it.

What was your first Clubbing Experience?
It was in a club where all kinds of music were played - like disco hip hop and pop music.

How did you get into djing?
I always had the urge to play my music for as many people as possible, so why not become a DJ?

You remember the first time you played to a crowd - what was it like?
The first time I played to a crowd was in a club where all kinds of music were played. I was completely nervous, but in spite of that it went well and so they hired me for saturdaynights.

Where do you find yourself djing most often?
Mostly I play in various clubs in the Netherlands. A few times a year I play also in Hungary, Norway, The United Kingdom and Israel.

Where have your best clubbing experience been?
It was at the release party of my second "Magik Compilation" in Oslo, Norway. The crowd went crazy each time I played a new record !!!

What makes a good DJ?
In my opinion a good DJ has his own style, but keeps entertaining his audience.

What inspires you if you're working in your studio?
I always like to make tracks that reflect my emotions. So when I'm sad I produce a sad song, when I'm happy I make a party track.

Describe the style of music you play and produce?
I play progressive trance with all kinds of emotions...

What are you doing if you're not spinning records or producing in your studio?
In my spare time, which is not much, I like to get a drink with my friends, do some exercise or go into the countryside.

Where do you go on holiday?
I always try to go on holidays when I'm playing abroad. I'll try to stay a few days longer and get to know the country.

You've worked with several persons in the music business who did you enjoy working with most?
Lars from "MNW", Norway, Hardy/"HH" from "Planetary Consciousness" / "Under Cover", DJ Limit from Hungary and Dikla from "Allenby 58".

Do you listen to other music except modern electronic dance music - if so name your three favourite artists?
I listen to all kinds of music. I like George Michael, Smashing Pumpkins and K's Choice for example...

What are your thoughts about the future (regarding "modern electronic dance music")?
I think that there are lots of young creative people around... our movement is getting better every year...