TiŽsto is the only non-UK DJ to have made it to the coveted number one spot in our Top 100 DJs poll, but he's still far from being complacent.

Having reached the top of his game for two years on the trot, one would expect The People’s DJ to relax and bask in glory. No such thing with TiŽsto, who sees himself far from hanging up his headphones: "I want to evolve as a DJ," he tells DJmag. "I want to become more involved with live elements, push my own stuff, and not just play other people's records."

This was seen in May last year, when he played solo in a stadium of 25.000 people for nine hours - a set which was made up predominantly from own productions. "I try to separate myself as a performer by playing as much of my own music as possible," he explains.

At the moment he doesn't yet have enough TiŽsto original material to do a full nine-hour DJ set, but eventually that is his goal. "People are ready for something new in the UK and Holland. The future for me is to play 100% of my own music," he reveals. "It's more as a challenge for me. I still love DJing of course - but I think DJs should go to the next level. Or at least try it."

TiŽsto explains that if you really want to make it as a DJ these days, you have to produce your own tunes not just play other people's: "If you look at the superstar DJs, they all became famous by making records as much as playing them," he reminds us.

He is so determined to make music, that for now he has stopped remixing other artists: "I'm not doing any remix work now. I prefer to do my own stuff, it's much more fulfilling," he admits.

Having just completed a gruelling South American tour, one would expect the DJ to take a short break. He isn't. Instead he's touring Asia in April, Europe in May - including a gig at Gatecrasher in London, and then a month long tour of the USA in June. And the plans for 2004 don't end there. DJmag.com can reveal that he wants to put on another massive solo concert, but this time in the UK: "We want to do something like 'TiŽsto in Concert' in the UK, but the date's not confirmed yet. And hopefully to do another one in Holland towards the end of the year too." Exciting stuff. His last concert was a sell out, so you have been warned in advance.

The DJ also has an upcoming artist LP out in June, entitled 'Just Be'. Produced almost entirely by TiŽsto, the album was recorded in the autumn of 2003, and is his first original artist album since the highly acclaimed 'In My Memory'. It has eight original tracks and a reinterpretation of the classic 'Barber's Adagio for Strings'.

With huge solo concerts, worldwide tours, and a new album, TiŽsto's a very busy man. And it's this very hard work, enthusiasm, and determination that has landed him the number one spot for two years running. With his busy plans for this year now revealed, and a constantly evolving DJing style, he could well have a chance of winning this year's Top 100 DJ poll once again.

There is a two-hour DVD with highlights from his nine-hour solo concert out now. ••